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Product Description:

  • Flex Color is a waterborne coating system offering excellent flexibility and outstanding adhesion for refinishing most leather, vinyl, and plastic.
  • Flex Color is not used for refinishing carpet (see link to Carpet Refinishing below).
  • Flex Color will not get brittle with age and will not soften or crack within normal temperature ranges.
  • Flex Color can be matched to almost any automotive or marine interior color and has 3 gloss levels – low, satin and high (see link to Flex Color Selector below).
  • Flex Color is available in a 1 ounce Touch Up Bottle with Brush (for small scuffs or touch up), a 12 ounce Aerosol, and Ready-to-Spray Pints and Quarts for refinishing larger areas.
  • Flex Color dries quickly and may be applied by small Touch Up Brush, Air Brush & Bottle, Dauber, Poly Brush Applicator, Spray Gun (requires an air compressor), Sprä Tool, Preval Sprayer, Dauber or Aerosol Can. You will find application equipment in the Spray Equipment section and Interior Restoration Products Section.
  • To order Flex Color visit the Products section > Interior Restoration Products, or click the link below.

Flex Color Products

Flex Color Selector

For Carpet Refinishing, click on the link below:

Carpet Refinishing