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Prep Pen Mini Sanding Tool


PrepPen Adjustable Sanding Pen Tool

  • Great for paint chips and scratches. Cleans away wax and road film. Removes surface rust corrosion. Great for precise sanding in smaller areas.


Prep Pen Mini Sanding Tool

  • Over 20,000 glass fibers in pen point.
  • Great for paint chips and scratches.
  • Cleans away wax and road film.
  • Remove surface rust corrosion without removing base metal.
  • Scuff and degloss paint in hard reach areas and near moldings.
  • Great for scuffing right up to the masking tape if you are doing graphics or stripes for a much sharper edge and paint adherence.
  • Cleans & prepares any Metal surface for painting, gluing & any other type of restoration.
  • Cleans & prepares an area for soldering.
  • Cleans electrical connections, contacts, cable ends and tools.
  • Cleans screw heads and rivets.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4.0 × .5 × 7.0 in